The Coloured Declaration

1. We are Coloureds and we are a historic and indigenous group of South Africa. We reject claims that seek to derogate, undo or wish away the indigenous group of Coloureds, both as a historic and cultural group.

2. We reject any notion that seeks to undermine or stereotype Coloureds or which treats Coloureds inferior to any other group in terms of any and all of the liberties which groups receive in our country .

3. We are proud citizens and patriots of our country and we wish to uphold all fair, reasonable and equality seeking statutes as commonly agreed to as a nation and as co-patriots.

4. We seek to uphold the values of the Freedom Charter that states “South Africa belong to all who live in it” and therefore no group should be placed above the other. We regret and oppose any notion that manifests selfishness and exclusion from equal opportunities in our country.

5. We oppose any forces, persons and institutions who openly, secretively or by unfair and manipulative means seek to adversely affect any Coloured person or the Coloured community and by the same strength we oppose such who would adversely seek to affect any minority person or group.

6. While we acknowledge the right to self determination, such right or privilege in whatever form should not be at the expense or to the detriment of development of any other.

7 As an indigenous people of South Africa, it is our desire to see that the Coloured community be acknowledged as a valid cultural group and that wherever state resources or taxpayers money is being utilised towards the  enjoyed rights and privileges by any group or culture, such same capital value should by right of equal treatment also be afforded to Coloureds. .

8. As an indigenous and previously marginalised people, we have a right to all the economic wealth and land of our country, affording us the same opportunities as any previously disenfranchised and disadvantage individuals. We declare that equality should reign supreme in our country, in all and every sphere of our common lives as citizens. We reject any and all measures that structurally cause disparity among groups in our country or among its citizens.

9. We reject any form of discrimination other than such fairly agreed principles and practices to rectify the faults of our common past and with which we must also commonly agree on the practical implementation of such along with the sunset clauses for such.

10. We declare our willingness to work with any legitimate government, organisation, group or person towards the betterment of our people. This means including us in any and all social, economic or political decisions that affect our communities directly or indirectly. We will not be denied our birthright in our country, not by ills that plaque our communities, not by forces that wishes to manipulate our state of existence, not by strategies that seek to divide our common vision, not by practices in any law nor decrees by whatever council - not by nature nor by men. God is our witness in our determined resolution to attain equality for all.

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Specialist Orders

There are specialist Orders in the Kullid Foundation where skill and commitment is pledged on the basis of specialities for the progress of the Kullid Foundation.

Order of Richard van der Ross (Academics and specialists in defense of Kullid's rights and progress)

Order of Sophie Williams – de Bruyn (Females for organisational growth and harmony)

Order of Ashley Kriel (Males for organisational stability and security)