As much as the ANC and various entities in our country and true patriots are concerned about the growing degree of racial discord in our beloved country, thus exponentially much more am I concerned about it.

The simplicity of the issue at hand has been made very complex, unfortunately. It has been made complex by a systematic and increasingly clever denial that we all have not done enough to build and foster racial harmony and racial equality, all of us, Coloureds, Blacks, Indians and Whites.

The fact as it pertains to the Coloured community, which has now again sparked our concern since the Klipsruit West community’s opposition to the appointment of a Black principal,

 is that it is the only community left behind on numerous levels and in many spheres of our common progress as a country and nation. Here are some facts that reveals the racial inequality that progressively and wilfully unabatedly ignores the equal progress of Coloureds along and with others:

- The budget expenditure on the Coloured specific community its culture ranks an absolute zero as compared as what is for instance spent on the Voortrekker Monument or the esteemed Zulu kingship (which now requests almost R50 million for the king’s household) or the many other Black ethnic groupings leadership and cultural institutions;

- The housing allocation for Coloureds has been shown to be of absolute no concern for government, even after the recent Eldorado Park, Blydeville, Toekomsrus and Reiger Park housing protests. Even today, not a single house has been build or allocated to the people of the largest predominantly Coloured area, Eldorado Park. This is only in reference to Gauteng; the national picture reveals the same;

- Bursary allocations and the intake on higher education institutions has bluntly ignored the Coloured community, even with UJ being right next to Westbury, Pedestrian Court, Coronationville and Newclare. However, UJ has spent millions of rands in Soweto. The problem is not the spending in Soweto though, the problem is deliberate, willful and shameless neglect of the communites right at its doorstep. The statistics on intake does not compare with the demographics and largely disfavours Coloureds, even in the North West Province’s UNW. Still, it is expected that Coloureds should not complain nor cry foul on the scale of equality meted out against them;

- Employment Equity reports reveals that Coloureds are in most levels of appointment and promotion being disregarded. During our recent dispensation of fair and unfair discrimination, the policies and practices of the ANC government had to be challenged at the Constitutional Court and petitions of opposition to the ANC government for wanting to amend the Employment Equity Act with clauses that sought to almost render Coloured not eligible for promotion and appointments. Yet, the ANC now seems most ‘concerned’ about the racial discord whereas its very own policies, practices and attitude has swayed from inclusivity, fairness, representivity and the highest bar of equality to an utmost and disdainful disregard for Coloureds. Why did Coloureds had to go to the Constitutional Court if the ANC government was still operatively the custodians of the Freedom Charter’s values to which Coloureds are co-signatories?;

- On state funded radio stations you would not find any Coloured content. There is not even a radio station for Coloureds while every other nationality or ethnic group has its own state funded radio station. The Kullid Foundation and I have requested meeting and met with ANC leaders such as Jessie Duarte, Gwede Mantashe, Pravin Gordhan, Angie Motshega, Naledi Pandor and others over the past 7 years and more. They know about this. They have listened to our submissions, pleas and robust reasoning around this and many other issues and they remained promising to look at our matters but NEVER provided Coloureds what is provided to all others.

- It is publicly evident that even when government engages the nation on national symbols, heritage, and culture they disregard Coloureds and Coloureds are almost never to be seen on their platforms. How awful and insincere is this notion of the ANC to pretend sincerity and say that they have “noted with concern recent racially charged incidents in various parts of the country” when in fact their own cadres in government have wilfully disregarded equality for Coloureds?

- While the ANC government readily bails out South African Airwaves to the degree of putting our country’s liquidity at risk, how many calls were made by hundreds and thousands of Coloured leaders to the ANC and government to just allocate some budget and specialised task forces to fight the scourge of drugs that expresses itself most acutely in Coloured areas? In fact, the ANC and government has turned a blind eye to the many factors that has now engulfed Coloured communities to the extent that Coloureds are the most incarcerated national group in proposition to our country’s demographics. They stand and look by as if unaware of the destructive mode of marginalisation has effected on Coloureds. Their honourable Members of Parliament spent much time in the Western Cape yet has moved no finger to address the particular structural oppressive regimes under which Coloureds suffer, yet they wish to say that they care about racial harmony while leaving the children of one of the national groups that has fought most actively in the UDF for our freedom to self-destruct due to drugs.

These are but simple and only a very few examples. The Statistician General may inform them on the numerous other statistics that reveals a clear bias towards Coloured to the extent that they have completely shunned Coloureds from almost any level of equal development and progress. You can simply look at the anecdotal evidence which reveals itself in the composition of government delegations, representation in government departments and even Gauteng MEC Lesufi’s delegation or intervention teams. MEC Lesufi being so prone to rightly oppose racism has been caught in his own fury against racism in being blind to his own department’s racist allowance to purge any Coloured educator to progress by allowing SADTU to implement its "Operation Vat Alles”, despite Minister Motshega’s report that co clearly points to a union that is no longer patriotic to build an inclusive nation but to completely hijack and capture the whole education sector and to detriment and stifle any Coloured promotions and appointments. In fact, the Auditor General should be asked to conduct a review on all appointments in all schools since the past 10 years.
The ANC should stop being only a political party and rather continue to be a liberation organisation once more, if at all possible. If they do so, they would readily understand why the Coloured community is dissatisfied. The ANC is pressed to superficially address the concerns of Coloureds to keep to its former status as a true liberation movement whereas it has allowed raiding comraides in its own midst to destroy Coloureds by lending a blind eye and to show superficial concern every now and then.   

Now, if the ANC is to be sincere in seeking a resolution to the problem of racial disharmony which manifest itself in the ANC calling on “its structures and leaders as well the government it leads in Gauteng to intensify engagement with the community of Eldorado Park on its demands”, where are such…? Where are the promises of houses for Coloureds too; the promises for community tenders which should benefit Coloureds as well; the bursaries for Coloureds too; the representation of Coloureds as well? Coloured teachers are being intimidated by the GDE in the GDE’s newfound racial supremacy to the extent that teachers and principals are not allowed to speak against their open oppression where some are being audited on a monthly basis just to find an excuse for the department to get rid of them.

The growing “chasm of polarization and discontent amongst all our nation groups” is a doing of none else but surpremist racial people in government, public and private entities and the GDE which the ANC led government has allowed for far, far too long. This is what will destroy not only the ANC but our country and the ideals for which many fought for, and in which fights Coloureds have always been involved in. The recipe for racial discord to subside is in addressing the principle of equity and representivity. Without equality, we’re doomed to face a growing polarisation.

So, if you as ANC is sincere and our government has not forgotten the agreement expressed in the Freedom Charter which was signed in a Coloured community in 1956, I ask you to stop your press briefings and dare you – engage the Coloureds and let’s get back to the primary fact that South Africa belongs to us all – not to Blacks only, neither to only Coloureds, Whites or Indians – but to us all.

Have you as the ANC and government forgotten our primary agreement..?
Well, Coloureds have not..!

Rev Ronald Dyers
Kullid Foundation

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