Around 2008, the South African Movement for Equality (SAME) started addressing the violation of media rights and privileges for the Coloured population group in South Africa. This led to a protracted engagement with the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), including an open letter which, on 06 June 2011 (view here) , was sent to

The President of the Republic of South Africa
The Minister of Communications
The Chairman of the SABC Board
The Acting Group CEO of the SABC.

Despite these peaceful actions there was no favourable response by any of those to whom the matter was addressed.

The Kullid Foundation, coming into existence in 2010, took the matter further in 2012 and kept on engaging the SABC to secure a national radio station and television content aimed at the Coloured cultural group. Throughout these years numerous promises has been made by the SABC without any concrete implementation of such promises.

The Kullid Foundation has since the protest action by one of the pro-Coloured political parties, the Patriotic Association of South Africa, and after the SABC had once again publicly made promises – but once again reneging in them – decided that this problem needs to be brought before the Public Protector or Human Rights Commission of South Africa.

On 08 August 2016 a formal complaint (download copy here) was instituted against the SABC for the violation of the rights of Coloureds, and in particular
the right to language and culture,
the right to equality,
the right to freedom of expression
and the right to human dignity.

Mr Anthony de Jager ( Kullid Foundation National Organiser) spearheaded the formalisation of the complaint as per document attached to this article.

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