We as the Davidsonville Community Forum (DCF) release the following statement:

1. We very much appreciate all the support we have received from the public and all other organizations on the stand we have taken to seek equality and inclusive nation building through representivity in employment opportunities, quality education and the exposure of corruption. Your support and encouragement is appreciated. However, our combined steadfastness towards principles enshrined in our common agreement of 1955 at Kliptown by patriotic Blacks, Whites, Indians and Coloureds – much forgotten off late – is what needs to drive not only our little struggle but the consistent stride of our nation towards building a country for ALL, without the exclusion or marginalisation of any group.

2. We would also like to make people aware of the seriousness of

these issues. We have now become aware that the lives of those at the forefront of this might be in danger as well of those of educators who are choosing to stand up for  fairness, equality and quality of education.

3. By many standards the quality of public education has deteriorated over the past years. One variable that has consistently played very directly into this deterioration is a union that has no prospects or ideals to drive and build our country by propelling a dedicated, quality and high standard for education, other than focussing more on its growth and the protection of its members. Sections of this union are now more fixated on itself than on its role to assist in building a common nation and the much needed highest standards of education.

4. Sections of SADTU, as through experience by the Davidsonville community, points all the more that such sections of SADTU has become equivalent to a rejected White Nationalism wherein such sections of SADTU is now being consumed with the promotion of Black Nationalism which seeks to exclude and deem as inferior any citizen who is not Black and any Black who is not SADTU affiliated. This detrimental tendency is not only against nation building but is to be deemed as treasonous by the standards of the Freedom Charter and the ideals of the constittion.

5. We have noted how our call for justice, equality and representivity has been frustrated by such Black Nationalism that:
5.1 Undermined and sought to derail the process as agreed between the Davidsonville community and the MEC for Education in Gauteng where 9 members of SADTU wished to have their lied to be believed that the Davidsonville community had threatened their safety and with ulterior motives withheld their services to the inconvenience of learners.
5.2 Had the said 9 members of SADTU withhold two weeks of their services without being charged by the Department of Education and only returned to the school before the 14th day in order that they could not be charged for dereliction of duties.
5.3 On their return sought to smuggle in the principal and two deputies in contravention of the agreement with the MEC.
5.4 Had instigated and unilaterally enforced, with the knowledge and presence of the Department of Education, a return of the principal and two deputy principals and under whose watch, as principal in charge of the school for that day, had violently removed the safety locks put in place by the community where sensitive documents and records had been stored to facilitate an inquiry of possible misadministration of funds by the principal and the SGB Chairperson.
5.5 Had been further frustrated as the MEC had through their very insincere actions been forced by community dissatisfaction and media exposure to acknowledge and accept once more the initial agreed procedure and processes as agreed between the MEC and the Davidsonville community as per the media statement issued last Friday.

6. The Davidsonville community and the leadership spearheading the matter, now being well aware of the influence of such section of SADTU on the District of the GDE and asking itself as to why such drastic measures were undertook by such ‘innocent’ SADTU members or leaders, can not in our good conscience not have this matter not referred to the Hawks for investigation of bribery, corruption and the selling of post by SADTU, officials of the District and the Department of Education. We will seek this investigation to be done nationally.

7. We have noted and had brought it to the attention of the MEC for Education that the investigation of allegations of mismanagement of funds against the principal and SGB chairperson had been unduly and unnecessarily delayed and may cast aspersions on the process.

8. We bring this under the attention of our patriotic public and we summarily forewarn such sections of Black Nationalism that have sought to place their own selves as of more important than our nation, that should anything unbecoming happen to any member of our community, our school, our educators or our leadership, we and the nation of true patriots will have nowhere else to look but to those who have sought to follow a defeatable Black Nationalism that deems itself as more important than building an equitable, non-racist and free South Africa.

9. We condemn racism of any kind. We equally oppose any unsubstantiated painting of communities and cultural groups as to be racist , whether as being enunciated by Coloureds from any community or by the MEC or the Gauteng Department of Education. Calls from any sector that augments the notion of racism to potentially further harm relations between communities and cultural or race groups is totally unacceptable for us. We will now also refer this matter to Cosatu and the office of the Presidency as it is our concern that this may escalate matters to civil strife between communities and cultural or race groups. We openly condemn any person or institution that wishes to perpetuate racism or that wishes to inflame racism.

10. We affirm the right of any community and any member of society to fair treatment and the fair pursuit of opportunities as agreed in our agreed principles and the legal parameters towards building a South Africa of parity. The important issue to also remember, especially about schools, is that they form an integral part of the community in which they find themselves and that such community may not be deliberately marginalised from the very school that is in it, far less so if such community had build such school and had for decades deemed such as the pride of the community to educate their kids and even the kids from neighbouring communities.
We remain in prayer. We remain in hope. Encouraged by such we remain working steadfast towards an agreement between races and cultural communities in Kliptown in 1955. We have only ourselves and patriots to rely on. More than that, we have the all true God of justice’s principles that drive us to take this stance.

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