Good Day,

I am addressing this to all my Khoisan brothers and sisters and with a spirit of building reconciliation instead of a schism, to find clarity between the two groups and also to assert the position of Coloureds against nuances and pronouncements of some Khoisan activists on the Coloured-Khoisan debate.

This letter will also be submitted to such courts in the matter where courts were requested by some Khoisan groups to discredit and/or call for the removal of the name and classification of Coloured.

In order for us to be reconciled in our human relationships, it is imperative that we address and place the matters of difference on the table. We must also deal with such frankly and in mutual respect. This very matter of respect has lately been awkwardly lacking from various Khoisan activists towards Coloureds. Our immense tolerance and patience in hearing your case is merely greeted by an intolerance from your side and a profound deafness on your part to hear as well as respect where we stand on the notion of who we are and who you are.

Let us start with the negative part of the issues that augments an unnecessary and growing schism between Coloureds and Khoisans.

The blatant call by Khoisan activists to diminish the worth and to want to undo the collective name of Coloureds is not only disturbing –

it is downright disrespectful, reveals a blatant opportunism and a historic fallacy. Newspaper articles, television appearances, social comments and radio interviews are full of this insanity and now some are even approaching the courts without the clear expression of a referendum on the issue, to petition the courts to declare the collective group term of Coloured as a misnomer. For this reason we also call upon the esteemed courts to hear the input from us as Coloureds and to discard the unilateral, disrespectful, opportunistic and fallacious claim by such Khoisan representatives on our collective name of Coloured. 

To those Khoisan activists, I put it to you that you are revealing:


You claim to represent Khoisans, yet we find you rushing to meddle in our affairs and desiring to make pronouncements on the name Coloured, while Khoisanism itself is by far the most divided grouping there ever was in South Africa. This being evident in terms of who constitutes such, who the lawful kings are, who legally are chiefs and also on your divided approach on many matters that you put on the table, whether land reform or compensation strategies or prominence of one group over the other. You have however seemingly found this one common agreement. You, stating yourself that you are not Coloured, you want to undo the name Coloured, single handily and without any consultation with all respective leaders from the Coloured community who differs from your viewpoint. You are doing the same wrong that you accuse the National Khoisan Council and government to have done. As much as “There was no transparency in the process of negotiations which took place between the government and the National Khoisan Council… The whole process was done without involving the majority of 4.86 million Coloured people who are direct descendants of the Khoisan, Nama and Griqua.” as correctly argued in their ‘Presentation on the Traditional leaders and Khoisan Bill before the parliamentary portfolio committee, Submission on behalf of the Griqua Royal House and the Bruin Bemagtigings Beweging’ by Mr Peter J Marais and Mr Aaron Messelaar, you as Khoisan extremists in opposition to our Colouredness now also unilaterally and disrespectfully wish to exclude us as Coloureds in our right to self-identify and state who we deem ourselves to be.  

If it is indeed true that you represent the Khoisans, how can you then claim to speak on the behalf of Coloureds? It is disrespectful to misrepresent someone and most disrespectful to claim to represent someone else while you downright know that you have no such mandate to represent such. In legal terms it is called misrepresentation and courts which are serious to curb such nonsense, will call it what it actually is – false testimony and deceit. In the larger context of the consequences of such it may border on a motive to cause unhelpful upheaval and social discontent that may grossly harm societal relations.

The collective Xhosa group is family of the Zulu group, much more closely in ties and traditions than traditional Khoisans and Coloureds. Now have you ever heard that some Xhosa brothers will claim to represent the Zulus and wish to pronounce on Zulu matters and identity or vice versa? No, each understands to commonly respect each other’s right to exist and each group’s freedom to associate without undue meddling in the affairs of one another. Yet you have not learnt, not even from your and our Xhosa and Zulu families’ mutual respect towards each other. The question is, would you be happy if the Xhosa grouping would tomorrow petition the courts that you’re actually not to be called Khoisan anymore, but Xhosa?

Please stop this. Speak on behalf of whatever Khoisan faction you represent as you have by your very stance against Coloureds made it clear that you cannot represent us or our interests as by your very arguments you deem Coloureds as a non-entity. As said, you have myriads of different groupings claiming to represent Khoisanism. In that awful confusion, don’t confuse yourself further by seeking to represent us, unless there is a commonly agreed understanding between Coloured and Khoisans for such. As you are already leaders of a much divided house, it would therefore be more circumspect for you to rather set your own house in order than to assert to meddle in our affairs. Kindly refrain from the disrespectful attitude as the continuation thereof will merely reveal your intolerance towards Coloureds and you will find that you’ve alienated even those most patient with you this far. You do not see Coloureds meddling in your affairs to your detriment, much less do you see Coloureds scheming against you.

Freedom of association is the basic human right of each and every South African citizen, yet you (Khoisan) do not grant us (Coloureds) the same privilege. The Bill of Rights asserts that every South African citizen has the right to be treated in a fair, dignified and respectful manner and this is an inherent right and we therefore take this opportunity to call your attention to that fact and request that you start treating us in that manner as guaranteed by our constitution – the very manner which you would wish to be treated by us.

We remind you of what your own level headed leaders, Marais and Messelaar, who argues and states that, “…Article 4 of the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity states the following:

‘Defence of cultural diversity is an ethical imperative inseparable from respect for human dignity. It implies a commitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms. In particular the rights of persons belonging to minorities and indigenous peoples’

Article 8 recognises;

‘The right of indigenous peoples and individuals not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture’ ”

Forceful assimilation is wrong, inhumane and against our rights to self-identity ourselves and to associate as Coloureds.


The claim that you have the right to speak on our behalf is invalid and opportunistic. Your attempt to approach the courts in our country to seek to invalidate the collective term of Coloureds is absurd and also smacks of opportunistic cowardice. Allow me demonstrate how it reeks of such opportunistic cowardice.
In 1956 when we as Coloureds stood with Blacks, Whites and Indians in declaring the truths we still hold sacred through the Freedom Charter, there were none of you insisting that Khoisans must also be part of such declaration being represented as a separate entity from Coloureds. You then took it for granted that Khoisanism was not excluded by Coloureds, as it indeed was not excluded. Even still, had you so much been aware of Khoisanism as you now so readily proclaim, why did you not insist that your group be noted as a separate entity along with us as Coloured, the Indians, the Blacks and the Whites? This is why I call your recent exclusionist and derogatory behaviour towards Coloureds as opportunistic.

You cannot for a single second say that we as Coloureds behaved in such a manner towards you. When in 1994 emblems of our united country also included the Khoisan emblems, we did not object or labelled you as a non-entity much less protested at the courts that your valued symbols should actually be labelled as Coloured and that such a notion or entity of Khoisan does not exist and if it existed that we should get rid of it. On the contrary, we warmly and proudly acknowledged the Khoisan’s contribution to the building of a new society on this southern point of South Africa. When the Botswana government acted wrongly against the remnants of Khoisans in the reserves in Botswana, I myself was one who objected to those remnants of Khoisans being treated unfairly as they were by Botswana. Many of you hot head so-called Khoisan activists who now oppose Coloureds did nothing in that instance other than passively waiting on our government to fix you tickets for a lavish banquet in Kimberley. At your first conference with government in Kimberley this serious matter of the exploitative and marginalised treatment of your very own kindred in Botswana took no prominence on your agenda. Maybe those true remnants in Botswana were too backward for your liking, became too Black or remained too illiterate for you to give any thought to them. Yet, you profess to us that you truly care for the real Khoisans…? Are those barely alive and left out in the Botswana reserves getting such attention as you have given to the returning of the remains of our sister Saartjie Baartman. It would appear that many of you are just ready and willing to get the shine from cameras and newspaper front pages than to put your necks on the block without the compensation of your status and how good and grand you look in the social arena. Still, at that meeting in Kimberley, even those who made your gathering possible reprimanded you because of your opportunism in respect of your derogatory attitude towards Coloureds and your blatant denial of us as an entity who has as much the same right that you have to our country. Or do you not recall Minister Nkwinti’s reprimand to which you paid little heed?

You have many of our Khoisan brothers and sisters who have greatly benefitted from our new dispensation. Granted, indeed within the context of international law, you and we, as your part descendants, deserve much more. But here is the thing. Many Coloureds and many Khoisans have also benefitted from the new dispensation, largely due to the Employment Equity principles and laws that government introduced. Sure, the status of both Coloureds and Khoisans on the Employment Equity scale is still found to be wanting as the Employment Equity Reports reveal year after year. However, those Khoisans and Coloureds who benefitted from such are in a better place of existence. These measures and the grouping of those who did indeed gained from Employment Equity did not have the name ‘Khoisan’ as a listed grouping. Yes, it could have and I would even say that it should have had such. Still, through the ‘Coloured’ name those of you as Khoisans benefitted. Again your opportunism is revealed. Why did you not say when you got those grand appointment letters or the letters of consent for grants from the DTI: “No, we’re not Coloureds… we don’t want this!” You remained silent and choose to benefit along with us, through the classification of Coloured. Hence you can search as far as the pits of the deep, not one single Coloured even dared to say: “No, don’t give that job to a Khoisan for he/she is not a Coloured. Only give it when they acknowledge that they are Coloureds”. See, we deem you as close family. We do not and will not treat you as non-entities. We choose not to be cowardice opportunists. 

Therefore, you need to decide whether you are acting treacherously to our commonly agreed constitution which guarantees us all freedom of association instead of you wanting to force every Coloured who does not deem him or herself as primarily Khoisan to now suddenly have to be such. I will return to this point in due course to demonstrate to you very vividly that Coloureds are not primarily Khoisan, while you are primarily most likely Coloured. Hang ten.

Just because some of your leaders have sold their souls to a government that has largely neglected us all (both Coloured and Khoisan) gives you no right to speak on our behalf or to suggest anything on our behalf. You grab opportunities prepared for you by government, opportunities that all of your kings and chiefs put together cannot make happen by themselves, to use such to attack the Coloured label. Incidentally, this opportunism also stems from Coloureds paying their taxes that affords the government to arrange your conferences, to host you in grand hotels, and which pays for the cake and coffee you consume in your constant bragging that you are at a meeting with government, while some of your remnants still linger in the reserves without a single warm blanket and while many of your and our people are daily killed on the Cape Flats. You had conference upon conference and while you took the stance that you are suddenly our keepers, you have not looked at yourself to suggest to government to also listen to the Coloureds and to have them get such conferences as the many you had. If, as some other Khoisans claim that Coloureds are their family, maybe we should ask the age old question: “Where is your brother? What have you done with him?” Your opportunism has made you lose sight of the goal of emancipation of your descendants and you have turned such opportunity to rather engage government into attacking those you claim to be your part descendants and wanting to artificially undo what they are.

You are possibly not even aware that you are caught in the same old snare that Black, White, Indian, Coloured and some worthy Khoisans fought to diminish – the domination by the other, the concentration of power to the exclusion of the other, the confusion of language and complex systems and definitions to perpetrate the crime of wilful marginalisation of others. In that regard you are using the same ploy that government is using thus far since 1994 which results in a shameful approach to the honouring of an egalitarian approach to the benefit of all cultural and ethnic groups in South Africa. In all your seemingly astute understanding of everything political, you believe that we have not come to see how collective terms can be misused to the detriment of others. Just as the government uses the collective of ‘Black’ to downplay the distinctive rights to representation of the various groups that make up such Blackness, you now also want to play that same game. Retired High Court Judge, Chris Greenland, argues this same point very logically and states that, “You see the statement that nearly all Coloured folk regard themselves as Black is simply untrue. If you accept that a Coloured person is anyone who also has Negroid blood in his/her veins, you will quickly realize that there are millions of human beings on this planet who have the now notorious “one drop of black blood” in their veins but do not regard themselves as Black for a nano second. Neither are they regarded as Black. It is an open secret that many White Afrikaners in South Africa fall into this category. Facts are awkward things, when you are sucked into accepting lies.” (http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/The-Coloured-Issue-dealing-in-lies-20120619)

Opportunistic approaches in the classification of people to undermine the worth, expression and existential place of minorities is wrong. You falling into the trap of this same reasoning reveals that you must have been drinking too much coffee and other stuff in these hotels with government representatives and that you hence no longer critically guard against the subtle marginalisation of others, so long that you as Khoisans are regarded.

Collective ‘Blackness’ undermines proper representation, for the smaller groups of Blacks are overwhelmed by the larger groups, whether their largeness exists in governmental control (such as in the Mbeki-era where such Blackness easily removed Cyril Ramaphosa as a minority Venda and where a ‘Xhosa Nostra’ seemingly ruled) or in sheer majority (such as in the Zuma-era where all groups are becoming subservient to a Zulufication of domination, examples that you can once again see how Cyril as a Venda, though being vice-president of the Republic, is pushed aside and Dr Dlamini-Zuma is afforded special treatments). Maybe your government buddies advised you to do the same and to seek to sweep Coloureds under a Khoisan umbrella where any reasonable representation of Coloureds is diminished. I pray that such is not the case, for that will be unconstitutional in every sense. We cannot at one minute constitutionally agreed to fairness and fairness of discrimination while the next moment we come from a hotel and we declare that we have last night decided to undo what we have decided before. It is treacherous towards other groups. Each cultural and ethnic group’s freedom of association cannot be diminished by tags and labels that deliberately seeks to minimise and/or eradicate their constitutional rights. As much as you as Khoisans are a minority and as much as Coloureds are the second largest cultural group next to Zulus, this much must we all work and agree towards fairness to the right of association and to representation of each of us. It will equally be wrong towards you as Khoisans if Coloureds should suddenly want to diminish your rights, freedom and status. Your and our leaders, Marais and Messelaar, also argues this very issue in their submission on the ‘Traditional leaders and Khoisan Bill’, stating that “The Bill also affords elevated status and special privileges to Nguni tribes and its senior leaders which are not equally applicable to the Khoisan and Griquas.” On this matter they logically and rightly conclude their argument conforming to this universal principle of equality that “We contend that where there are special privileges in any society, there can never be Equality. The constitution explicitly determines Equality and Human dignity of all citizens as non-derogable rights...”

Desiring to hijack others into a conglomerate where the smaller entities - that makes up such conglomeration - loses everything, is wrong. That is why we have a Competition Commission for the economic aspect of such. That is also why we have a constitution so that neither Coloureds, Vendas, Tswanas nor you as Khoisans or anyone else should be treacherously misused through clever political approaches.            



This brings me to the historic fallacy of your wayward Khoisan activists.

It simply is not true, even if you wish and pray to all gods, that all Coloureds are Khoisans. By its very definition Coloureds are a mixed race group and a people of mixed ethnicity and mixed culture. Those extremist in your midst, on the other hand, claim that you are pure (or largely pure) descendants of the first people in South Africa. There is the notion from those among you that argues that it is commonplace across the world that there is a desire to know ones genealogy.

They have embarked on elaborate DNA tests that ostensibly prove that Coloureds are Khoisan. This is based on the notion that if there are DNA traces of Khoisan genes in Coloureds, then we are Khoisans and not Coloureds. But this is crazy and repulsive ethnic or cultural measuring standards of the same type as was used by Adolph Hitler’s mad Nazis to prove their superior Arian race. Is this not taking us back to a Verwoerdian form of human classification?

There is a problem with this type of genealogical measuring or verification of classification.

Firstly, the sampling is incorrect in the manner which you apply it to the Coloured people. The UWC, UCT and every other universities teaches us that a valid sample should be representative of the whole group on which an experiment is to apply. Else, your research results are plainly not true and invalid. Hence, if you sample the Coloured population in seeking to determine a DNA commonality, you cannot do this kind of testing selectively. You must also go to Buysdorp, you need to step into Wentworth, you must get to Newclare, you need Heidedal and Danville to be represented and then please also include the far laying areas as well. Do not go jump to one or two townships and come declare to us that we’re Khoisan. Sorry to burst your bubble, that’s not how validity is reached. That is rather how a fallacy is verified.  

Secondly, you are racist in such an approach in applying it to Coloureds. Colouredness is not about race as Colouredness is much more about common issues such as historic commonalities, language, cultural expressions and a way of life. Your tests are misplaced as it ignores these core attributes of Colouredness. Colouredness cannot be measured on race. Coloureds are inclusive while Khoisanism, at least as expressed by your tests and definitions, is exclusive. So, if someone’s DNA shows the slightest trace of a Khoi or San gene you would run and say: “Eureka, another Khoisan!” That is neither true nor a verified fact. With us as Coloureds, we do not really care about DNA and we sing hallelujah even by the smallest expression of Colouredness. We also do not do physical tests on whom we are, like Hitler or the Apartheid regime or you. Now do you see how far reaching your attitude can be classified that you suddenly fall into that bad group of testers…? Boy, oh boy, you must have guts not to see where your fanaticism is leading you…! And your fanaticism is proving you wrong.

Thirdly, your DNA test standards are also a manipulation of DNA results as well as a selective disclosure of such results. Science is not about popularity and political correctness or the bowing under social pressure. While a DNA test can indeed be used to verify race, ethnic identity and other genealogical variables, it furthermore shows, in the words of Professor Tim Crowe (UCT) that, “The important point is that this evidence should not be used to assert that these differences, or shared bits of “ancient” DNA, support the identification of multiple human “races”. In fact, it confirms the wise assertion by the pan-Africanist leader, Robert Sobukwe, that there was only one race: the human race.” (http://theconversation.com/how-the-origin-of-the-khoisan-tells-us-that-race-has-no-place-in-human-ancestry-53594)

The selective disclosure of such DNA results on your part is also a scientific error as your tests conveniently fail to disclose that in the Coloured DNA there is much more than only Khoisan DNA traits. A simple understanding of the historical context from which Coloureds came into existence from, would tell you that our male progenitors must have come from various different cultural and race groups while our female progenitors most likely would have come from Khoi and San people as the composition of male to female at the Cape at that time was such. Your very DNA results confirm this and the article by Lluis Quintana-Murci, et al confirms that Coloureds not only descent from Khoisan but from many other groups. These researchers reveals their full results and explains that, “Here we show, through detailed phylogeographic analyses of mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome variation in a large sample of South African Coloured individuals, that this population derives from at least five different parental populations (Khoisan, Bantus, Europeans, Indians, and Southeast Asians), who have differently contributed to the foundation of the South African Coloured.” (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2850426/). So, actually, if any of our progenitors are to suggest (and not pronounce!) on who we are, you should invite a discussion with the Europeans, Indians, Bantus, and Southern Asians. But alas, we’re now full grown and we can really decide for ourselves who we are and we will not have others come and dictate to us at such a late stage in our history.

Reverse the reading of your DNA test results that some of you are so keen to present to us as proof that we are supposedly more Khoisan than Coloured. The results of how many OTHER groups’ DNA genes are showing is most likely more proof that you are actually more Coloured (mixed) than your claims of being only Khoisan. For who is still pure in Mzansi? None but just us Coloureds, for our standard is mixed, inclusive, all… The mother of all your DNA sums will time and again reveal that 29% this +21% that + 27% those + 23% whatever = 100% Coloured.

Here is a test that I would want you to apply to who is what by virtue of genealogy or by virtue of upbringing. Let’s say we take a very small Zulu boy from the heart of KZN and we take him to China to be raised by a Chinese family over there. When that boy reaches 21 years of age, is he now Zulu or is he Chinese? His whole DNA will declare him to be 100% Zulu. But the point of anthropology and evolution and cultural assimilation will be proof that the boy is 100% Chinese in understanding who he is culturally.  This is the fact that is being neglected by some of you.

You must come to understand that genes do not make the person. That's a deterministic evolutionary perspective. We are social beings and in my mind nurture plays a bigger role in who we become compared to nature.

Coloureds assimilated, evolved and grew. We took on many cultural aspects of others, we wear clothes, and we have established our own way of being. We do not want to be called a derogatory name such as ‘Boesman’ or to be referred to as Khoi or San as our primary denominator of identity. And it is really not that some of us are not proud of our Khoi or San ancestry. It is simply that we do not like to discriminate against our many other ancestors – the Malay, the Portuguese, Dutch, Xhosa, Batavians, St Helena people, Xhosa, Tswana, Italians, Germans, and so, so much more. We are not limited to Khoi and San only. We’re unlimited. Our German and Xhosa progenitors are not pushing us to choose between either one of them. Our Batavian and Dutch ancestors were also not that narrow minded much less selfish. Why are you as Khoisans so self-serving in wanting to limit our limitlessness?


On the issue of by what name we should be called

You keep hammering that the name ‘Coloured’ was given to us by our colonist oppressors. There can be very little denial of that fact. Yet, the logic of that argument places yourself also in a difficult position as it points back to your own name giving. Who gave you the name of Khoi or San or Khoisan? Was it maybe also colonists who pinned the names Khoi and San down as history shows us that at such time of name giving you were in your infancy of writing and the detailed recording of historic events?  I am yet to find a child who at birth had decided to give himself his own name. Normally some others decides on his name long before he has come of age. Either way, you also got a name, whether derogatory or not, as much as we were given a name by others. The term Coloured may be derogatory in some countries, yes. Still, we should not deem the lies of the world in seeking to force a minority into some servitude to a majority as the truth, as Judge Greenland correctly points out on the matter of name-giving and the international position on the term Coloured. Even if term Coloured had been imposed on us, that does not take away from the fact that Coloureds are a unique entity from the South African and African setting. If you call us X or Z, we still remain what we are.

There are parts to this argument of who is who and who should be who that you deliberately ignore. There are parts of how some groupings of Khoisans deliberately exclude Coloureds in your haughty approach of elevating your status as to be above Coloureds. That is reverse Apartheid and a disgusting superiority complex, in some cases worse that the Apartheid Afrikaners. There are parts of your very own history which you neglect to tell in how some of the Khoi even placed into servitude their very own fellow San people… all stemming from such similar superiority complex! This is most worrying and we would wish that the courts read between the lines of your unilateral condemnation of the name of Coloureds.

This loveless superiority towards the others of the same broader family is very deeply ingrained in many of you and unfortunately it also manifest itself in some of us. This is why your common history reveals incidents of harsh self-hate among us and even among yourself, like in that slavery episodes or the instances where you pursued or neglected your own kind to gain the favour of foreign forces or to secure selfish positions. This is the very same self-hate you now show towards us, whom you claim to be your off-spring. This is the same self-hate that indwells our communities to the degree that Khoisan-Coloured communities murders its own more than they are murdered by any other group. It is that very same self-hate that sees areas like Manenburg, Westbury, Elsiesrivier, Newclare and so many other predominantly Coloured areas falling prey to murders and gangsterism, dis-united and on a constant path of self-destruction, all because of that self-hate toward our own and our very self. Since you are so busy with your genetic tests, maybe you should run a random test on where that bad gene of self-hate, self-destruction and lovelessness for our own comes from. I hold my breath for such results…

The Afrikaner is composed of many groupings and ethnic variables. Yet, you do not see them fighting each other on the smallest of matters or wishing any one of their larger group no a place in the sun. Yet you are hell bent on going against those whom you yourself term to be your offspring. You wish to complain at the UN of genocide while your own actions and attitudes towards us as Coloureds can generally be termed as parallel to the same hideous evil.

Love us as we love you, accept us as we accept you. Stop the approach of being against us as you of all people know the pain of such causes as both Khoisan and Coloured have been hated and despised by many for almost all our existence in this country.

This brings me to a very positive part that is not being told by many of the extremist Khoisan leaders who oppose Colouredness

You have forgotten how Khoisan and Coloured and many other races intermarry with all. We take your daughters and you take our sons. We have been doing this for years. We have not placed any condition for your daughter to not remain Khoisan when she married our Coloured son. Why would you be so selfish or superior in your approach?

South Africa has seen us contributing on so many levels and sharing all our contributions selflessly with the Khoisan. When we started the Afrikaans language we had you also share in the composition of such. Our arts and music did not deliberately exclude your influences and throughout our creative arts we have not deliberately excluded you or your contribution to such. Dr Allan Boesak may as well have been a Khoisan, should he had preferred any collective name for himself. Even so, whether he would identify as such not one single Coloured would contend that he is not one of our most brilliant leaders. Many of my friends readily identify themselves as Khoisan and I would not be shy to proudly stand next to them on any platform. But they understand the liberty that each of us can identify freely as to who we are without having to wish the other away, neither of needing to explain who we are for the acceptance by the other. Your Hip Hop artists are heroes to many Coloured folk. Our artists are heroes of your people.

If we as Coloureds are to be loveless towards you as Khoisans and tomorrow stand up and petition the courts and government that Khoisans are actually Coloured and that the name Khoisan is obsolete, would that be right?

The wisdom and logical conclusions of Marais and Messelaar call to your attention once more that, “During 1998 the SA government initiated negotiations with Self-identified leaders who claimed to be leaders and members of the San, Khoi, Griqua, Nama and Koranna communities. We, the majority of Coloureds who are their blood relatives, did not argue against, nor refute their claims at the time, but why should the rest of the Coloured community be denied the same right to make similar uncontested claims?” Heed that wisdom and notice the implications thereof.

We will support your course for the establishment of your heritage and classification wholeheartedly so long as you respect us and not seek to diminish our rights to the same. After all, despite science and DNA tests and intrinsic anthropological arguments, nobody needs to tell us that we are very close family, as both the Khoisan and Coloured groups received very bad blows in this country. Family comes easy with us as we do have the blood of almost all running through our veins.

To conclude…

I call on you as Khoisans, my brothers and sisters, those who are constantly wanting to force your name down our throats, please stop with such childish behaviour as it has honestly become unpalatable. Respect us as we respect you. Our communities lay in shackles and our young men are imprisoned, largely without any rehabilitation. They are rather literally thrown deeper into almost inescapable dungeons to die in the ‘number’ gangs or to be caught up in illegal drugs. They are no longer concerned about being Khoisan or Coloured. They are ‘nommers’ and ‘addicts’ and ‘dealers’. Let us combine forces in saving them, even if not to be Coloured or Khoisan. Let’s rather work together in saving our beautiful daughters from becoming forced lolly lounge prostitutes. Let’s rather take hands to save our communities from a complete imploding.

I call on you from the lineage of the esteemed Autshumato, those among you who selfishly clings to the claims that you are more worthy than us. I call on you to look at how far you have fallen from the very example of your many great heroes who selflessly sacrificed for those marginalised and those in dire straits. We’re a common people in drastic adversary to many common enemies in our midst – unemployment, housing shortages, discrimination in budgetary facilities allocated to our cultures, economic disadvantages to the basic levels where our communities freely gives their moneys to Somalian and Pakistani house shops instead of us circling that money among ourselves. If you’re not Khoisan tomorrow and we’re not Coloured tomorrow, we will both still exist in the same dire straits we find ourselves presently as human beings. Our common marginalisation is an imperative for the both of our groups to now, more than ever, start acting selfless towards establishing a new future for the both of our groups. It commands that we immerse ourselves to be as brave and selfless like your Autshumato or our Dr Abdullah Abdurahman, or the many other selfless Khoisan and Coloured activists still present in our midst.

To all your leaders, please start reigning in the wayward and divisive folks in your midst as they’re slowly causing more harm and division than we can imagine. Their destructive attitudes, utterings and foolish short sighted standpoints may lead to an unnecessary alienation between our groups.  There is so much more we can do by working together than by working against each other.

Years back, when we all started to be pressed to only identify with Blackness and while Whiteness comfortably excluded us, I have found the sweetest solace and pride in who I am as a Coloured. I have pinned this part of my Coloured identity into a comprehensive poem…

“I owe my being to the Khoi and the San, to the slaves from Java, Madagascar and Batavia.  My DNA is richly shaped from the miscegenation of White and Black; the coming together of the Swati and the British, Indian and Tsonga, Chinese and Sotho, Pedi and Scottish, Portuguese and Shangaan, German and Ndebele, Boer and Zulu, Venda, Tswana and Xhosa. Yet, those who formed me, deny me - deny me my true freedom, and deny me equality in this my own motherland…

This is who I am, even when I’m alone as a stone: I am a Coloured!”


There is a decision we can make: To love, respect, embrace and accept each other mutually or to instead take a stance of antagonism and opposition. In the latter none of us will win but such who marginalise and oppress us and the structural impediments that keeps us from true emancipation.
Yet, if we choose the former, the true God will bless us both with an emancipated future.

I pray you wisdom, prosperity and peace.

Ronald S Dyers

Chairman: Kullid Foundation
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10 May 2017

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Specialist Orders

There are specialist Orders in the Kullid Foundation where skill and commitment is pledged on the basis of specialities for the progress of the Kullid Foundation.

Order of Richard van der Ross (Academics and specialists in defense of Kullid's rights and progress)

Order of Sophie Williams – de Bruyn (Females for organisational growth and harmony)

Order of Ashley Kriel (Males for organisational stability and security)