For Immediate Release: 11 May 2017

We have noted the recent protests in predominantly Coloured Communities such as Blydeville (North West), Reiger Park (East Rand), Riverlea and lately Eldorado Park and Ennerdale (Southern Jhb areas).

It is our assessment and understanding of these protests, within the context of service delivery, housing and development, that these communities are justified in their protests. We place on record that the equal treatment of the Coloured Communities has over the years been neglected to a state whereby many people from the Coloured population feels marginalised and ignored by government and both the

two major political parties.

In our meetings and communications with government institutions and members of the ANC’s Executive, the Kullid Foundation has time and again brought these and other matters pertaining to the Coloured population group to their attention and also to the Human Rights Commission. Except for minimal intervention and address of raised concerns along with constant promises, we have failed to see any meaningful change to the paradigm that Coloured Communities has been left to. The marginal treatment of the Coloured Community can no longer persist if we as South Africans remain true to our agreement as contained in the Freedom Charter we had signed in Kliptown in 1956.

While the looting and burning down of infrastructure cannot be condoned, it should be understood within the context of the gradual allowance for regress of these communities. A people neglected, disallowed to access budgets, the ignored growth of social ills and a gradual shunning of our people’s recognised leaders and organisations has contributed to such uncontrolled anger. Still, we remain loyal and committed patriots to our country and it is our view that each organisation must take some degree of responsibility to the anarchy and criminality that enfolded during these protests, including the hard handed approach of security forces and the lethargic response of both local, provincial and national government, least to say about the current presidency.

Going forward our communities and others that are similarly treated need to heal. Such healing will ask for special efforts and not only measures that will stop protests but which will bring long term harmony and a much long awaited egalitarian treatment of marginalised and neglected communities, especially also of the Coloured Communities in which a peripheral sense of existence in South Africa has all the more become their reality.

We call on all such still protesting communities to stop from further protesting, looting and vandalism on condition that the local, provincial and national government setup – to the acceptance of our communities – workable and progressive measures and structures to address the grievances of our people. This must be done with the inclusion of leaders and organisations from the said communities and not government’s imposed and biased leaders who have thus far failed our people. Failing such, what option do our people have but to continue to protest?

We pray the protesting communities our condolences in the cases of fatalities and hurt. We pray them peace, harmony and progress.

We pray leaders in all government spheres and levels wisdom and the speedily address of the concerns and demands of our communities.

Ronald S Dyers - Chairman: Kullid Foundation
Bevan Shelton – National Spokesperson: Kullid Foundation
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 073 815 8061 - 082 492 9824

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