We may find that the youth will precede us in getting our people to progressive emancipation, while many adults remain unsure, idle or in a state of procrastination. Or we could join them and work with invigorating spirits, commitment to shape our own destiny. The time is always right to start.

Here are our youth leaders during Etv's Sunrise program on 16 June attending to matters in discussing how the youth can bring progress.

Big ups for the sterling representation made by
Eduardo Rodrigues
Kyle Johnson
Adrien Petersen
Keanu Buys

The KF Youth wing is well on its way.

Special thanks to Mrs Carmen Margro for her assistance with the logistics.

Good Day,

I am addressing this to all my Khoisan brothers and sisters and with a spirit of building reconciliation instead of a schism, to find clarity between the two groups and also to assert the position of Coloureds against nuances and pronouncements of some Khoisan activists on the Coloured-Khoisan debate.

This letter will also be submitted to such courts in the matter where courts were requested by some Khoisan groups to discredit and/or call for the removal of the name and classification of Coloured.

In order for us to be reconciled in our human relationships, it is imperative that we address and place the matters of difference on the table. We must also deal with such frankly and in mutual respect. This very matter of respect has lately been awkwardly lacking from various Khoisan activists towards Coloureds. Our immense tolerance and patience in hearing your case is merely greeted by an intolerance from your side and a profound deafness on your part to hear as well as respect where we stand on the notion of who we are and who you are.

Let us start with the negative part of the issues that augments an unnecessary and growing schism between Coloureds and Khoisans.

The blatant call by Khoisan activists to diminish the worth and to want to undo the collective name of Coloureds is not only disturbing –

For Immediate Release: 11 May 2017

We have noted the recent protests in predominantly Coloured Communities such as Blydeville (North West), Reiger Park (East Rand), Riverlea and lately Eldorado Park and Ennerdale (Southern Jhb areas).

It is our assessment and understanding of these protests, within the context of service delivery, housing and development, that these communities are justified in their protests. We place on record that the equal treatment of the Coloured Communities has over the years been neglected to a state whereby many people from the Coloured population feels marginalised and ignored by government and both the

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Specialist Orders

There are specialist Orders in the Kullid Foundation where skill and commitment is pledged on the basis of specialities for the progress of the Kullid Foundation.

Order of Richard van der Ross (Academics and specialists in defense of Kullid's rights and progress)

Order of Sophie Williams – de Bruyn (Females for organisational growth and harmony)

Order of Ashley Kriel (Males for organisational stability and security)