Kullid Foundation's Objectives

Towards a patriotic inclusion of all

The Kullid Foundation is a lobby organisation that was started in 2011 with the aim of establishing, entrenching, educating and building Coloured culture and identity. It also seeks to engage all the relevant stakeholders, particularly government and the chapter nine institutions around the inclusion of Coloured communities in key social, economic and political decisions affecting them. To date its activities, mainly through it commercial clothing arm Kullid, have included the establishment of platforms and events that promote Coloured culture predominately through entertainment and via multi-media platforms like Facebook as well as its own publication called the Aweh magazine. The foundation is mainly funded through donations from sales of the Kullid brand of clothing and its membership base.

    Objectives of the Kullid Foundation

    To work towards the equal recognition of the Coloured culture and identity
    To engage with all role players for the social, economic and political inclusion and not seclusion of the Coloured population
    To establish and build a sense of Coloured consciousness and pride among Coloured people
    To contribute to the national dialogue around issues affecting Coloured people
    To develop programmes that seek to directly uplift Coloured communities
    To instill among all, both Coloureds and other cultural groups, a sense of a common patriotic spirit

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Specialist Orders

There are specialist Orders in the Kullid Foundation where skill and commitment is pledged on the basis of specialities for the progress of the Kullid Foundation.

Order of Richard van der Ross (Academics and specialists in defense of Kullid's rights and progress)

Order of Sophie Williams – de Bruyn (Females for organisational growth and harmony)

Order of Ashley Kriel (Males for organisational stability and security)